Monadnock Area Artists Association

Registration closed for Art in the Park
September 3&4 2023 (labor day weekend)

Questions about Art in The Park can be answered at: AITP questions.
  1. REQUIREMENTS: If you have not previously participated in Art in the Park, please submit 5-10 sample images of your work (or if available, photographs of your display from another event) via email to AITP questions. A link to a website where your work can be reviewed is also acceptable. The Art in the Park Committee will review new applications to ensure that the artwork meets the guidelines for “Media Accepted For Display”
  2. PARTICIPANTS IN AITP 2022. You can request the same site they had then (this request is in the app. form) however your application must be in and your site paid for by May 14th 2023.
  3. CURRENT MEMBERS: To get a MAAA membership discount, your membership must be up-to-date or else you will not be assigned a tent site. You can pay your membership fee by going here.
  4. BECOME A MAAA MEMBER: You can become a member by going here for information and a link to the online application.
  5. MEMBERS AND NON MEMBERS: You can sign up now by clicking the link below to fill out the application form, then follow the link to PayPal©.
  6. QUESTIONS ABOUT AITP will be answered here: AITP questions.